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Maximise your profits – Minimise your losses

Pub Product wastage and theft of stock have always been a huge challenge for the licensed trade. Now more than ever you need to ensure that you can protect your stock and maximise the profits from your pub or club. A regular professional stocktaking service is therefore vital to the success of your business.

LTA’s pub stocktakers experience and local knowledge together with our comprehensive, easy to understand reports created from your stock audit will enable you to manage your business much more effectively.

Pub Stocktaker Services

Who will Benefit?

Whether you are a freehold or lease owner, operate a long or short term tenancy with one of the UK’s major Pub Co’s regional brewers – LTA can help you by helping you to manage your stock more effectively.

Want to know what we can do for you?

As all of our auditing takes place on site and is in strict confidence and our reports are available to you on the day of the stocktake. Our stocktakers experience and local knowledge together with the comprehensive, easy to understand reports created from your stock audit will enable you to manage your business much more effectively.

What to expect from our Pub Stocktakers?

LTA pub stocktakers will discuss ever aspect of your stock audit with you and highlight many of the following areas, of which all are necessary to achieve maximum profit potential for your business.

  • Identify and advise on any areas where you are losing stock due to theft or wastage.
  • Analyse and advise on your bar prices versus invoice costs.
  • Identify short dated and out of date stock and advise on how to reduce losses caused by this.
  • Analyse the effect of any promotions or allowances to pinpoint stock/profit variations.
  • Analyse your purchases to make sure you only pay for what you’ve agreed to.
  • Analyse every product line to ensure that each performs to its maximum ability.
  • Identify how much of your cash needs to be in a cellar rather than in the bank.
  • Calculate Gross Profit and gross margins – reports the average profit for each area of your business to keep your finger on the pulse.
LTA’s pub stocktakers provide Independent Public House, Club Restaurant and Hotel Audits throughout Greater Manchester, Merseyside, Lancashire, Cheshire, North Wales, Staffordshire & Derbyshire

Why you need a Stocktaker

For any business within the licensed or catering trades – Stocktaking is one of the most important parts of controlling your cash flow and products and is critical to managing your costs and thereby maximising your profits.

Stocktaking also has the added benefits of giving peace of mind that your staff are not only serving your customers correctly, but that they are looking after the business bottom line too by committing to minimise loss.

Why Choose Us?

Our licensed trade stocktakers have many years experience in providing accurate and easy to understand stock reports based on state of the art stock taking methods

 We are passionate aout helping your business succeed and will always be willing to provide friendly advice and innovative ways to ensure that you are always in control of your costs.

Our Services

A full range of stocktaker services available to clients across the UK including:

  • Hospitality, Tourism and Retail Stock Management
  • Period End and Annual Stock Auditing
  • Valuations
  • Business transfers
  • Food and Liquor Cost Control
  • Purchasing Management

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